WW3 News: NATO Russia War In 2017? U.S. To Lose?

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The Russian aggression in Eastern Europe continues to threaten the world peace and chances are high that global citizens will be witnessing the start of WW3 soon. The massive Russian troop and tank movements into Crimea indicate a major NATO offensive ahead. Lately, rumors indicate that Moscow is likely to take on the Baltic nations of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to stop NATO?s incursion into Eastern Europe.

NATO?s response for troop deployments in Poland and neighbouring Baltic States indicate that the Allies too suspect Moscow to be making a move. With both Russia and NATO fighting on warring sides in war-torn Syria, the risk of a direct clash seems plausible.

WW3 in 2017 itself?

The increased ultra nationalism exhibited by Russian President Vladimir Putin indicate that Russia might indeed attack either Ukraine or the Baltic States. Putin is stronger than ever and lately despite sanctions, Russia is even successfully producing advanced weapons. With no opposition from NATO and the U.S., Putin annexed Crimea and seems to think it is the right time to strike.

The U.S. foreign policy is in part to blame too. With withdrawal of the U.S. Army from Iraq and Afghanistan, Putin thinks America is on a backfoot. He suspects that the U.S. doesn’t have enough resources to spare for another war after two back -to-back wars.

Another factor that makes WW3 probable in 2017 is the U.S. Presidential Elections. The United States is currently focused on their own war between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Putin sees this as an opportunity to make swift decisions in Eastern Europe while the West is distracted with their own problems.

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U.S. to lose

A Forbes article has warned that the United States might lose against Russia should the communist nation start incursion into Eastern Europe or the Baltic States. As previously cited by several U.S. defence officers, the United States is vastly unprepared to fight a war with ?near peer? adversary such as Russia.

The officer each from the U.S. Army, the Navy, the Marines and the Air Force stated that they are not fully prepared to take on a power like Russia. The defence officers stated that though ultimately the U.S. might prevail in such a war, they will be paying a high price in terms of men and resources.

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U.S. warships and aircraft carriers won?t be able to get near the Eastern Europe area as Russian bases in the Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad and the Black Sea port of Sevastopol would make it dangerous for their activity. U.S. Air Force too won?t offer much help as the Russian air defenses will be extending over all of the Baltic states, so most of Poland and most of Ukraine would pose greater threat.

Moreover, with the Eastern Europe being a landlocked area, Russia would have greater strength. The region is bracketed by seas that can only be entered through narrow choke points. Since the Russian will have largest concentrations of soldiers closer to the border, they could move in without minimal warning.

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