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WW3 News: Former NATO General Sound the Alarm on Russia

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With global conflict arising in so many parts of the world, it’s no surprise why so many people are starting to worry that world war three may just be around the corner. Well, whether you?re a die hard doomsday prepper or not, you should be concerned with news of global war and conflict. Especially since a recently retired NATO general is the one blowing the whistle this time.

Russia?s Growing Might

General Philip Breedlove was the former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO. Breedlove has been making noise in the international community recently after he had retired.

He?s letting everyone know that Russia has gotten much stronger than it initially was. Russia?s military might has apparently become a force to be reckoned with.

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Breedlove points out that essentially, the whole of Europe could be at the mercy of Russia, if Russia were to mount an attack. Several territories across Europe can easily be occupied by Russia with little resistance.

Europe could become a hostage if Russia were to act. Cutting Europe out from the reach of its allies. This is very possible since Russia has been making some great upgrades to its military strength

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Russia has great strength in the Atlantic. The country has upgraded both its military devices on both sea and air.

A Call to Arms

With Russia?s great superiority, the general has called both countries and world leaders to arms. An act of war against Russia isn?t necessarily needed. But what is needed, is a way to defend against Russia, in the event they do decide to strike Europe.

Increasing Europe?s military strength is paramount. Especially since a Russian attack may be great enough that not even NATO and the United States would be able to stop it. Needless to say, this could easily spark world war three.

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Russia is already showing its strength over Crimea and Ukraine. The other European countries better think of something quick to keep the peace before a new war sparks.

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