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WTF: Shocking Video Game Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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Because of the internet, most of us have become fully-fledged trivia hunters. Why? Because now we have access to a vast amount of information about almost anything, right at our fingertips.

By most of us, ?what I mean is people aged between 15 and 30, who always spend most of their time watching funny animal videos and reading random top 10 lists online.
There?s nothing wrong with that, of course.. It?s a good thing actually, expanding your knowledge.
And to help you with that, we have put together a list of somewhat-known video game facts that might just blow you away..
Final Fantasy Got Its Name Because The Company Was About To Go Bankrupt
Most of us have been there: someone who is not familiar with the series comes to you with an evil grin and asks, ?How come there are so and so games in the series? Why did they call it Final Fantasy??
The person actually has a point right? But there is a perfectly good reason.
Hironobu Sakaguchi intended to quit video game design for good and Square was about to go bankrupt. But Sakaguchi set out a little game called ?Final Fantasy?, like a swan-song to his own career and to the company. He presumed that Final Fantasy would be his last venture in that particular creative field, but something incredibly surprising happened. The game became a huge hit, and now, the game is on, like Final Fantasy XXVII.


Those Avian Bullie Should Be The Villains, Not The Poor Piggies
Contrary to popular beliefs, those poor green piggies in the ever popular mobile game ?Angry Birds? are actually innocent. They have done nothing wrong, but the poor creatures are being subjected to a barrage of orchestrated attacks by angr.. No, more like lunatic birds.
The creators of the game themselves confirmed this, and they actually tweeted a message from the piggies perspective. ?No! Piggies don?t want to harm anyone. Piggies want to have some eggs for breakfast. Oink.? So there you have it, those cute little piggies are just hungry, not angry.
Think about that next time you plan to murder a dozen of them.
Why Donkey Kong 64 Came With An Expansion Pack
Remember those times when you had to upgrade your video game console with the use of ?Expansion Packs?? This game came in Nintendo 64 with an expansion pack included in the box. Many people asked why, of course.
Well, it turns out that Donkey Kong 64 needed that expansion to function, it was due to a fatal programming flaw. Not because it was too advanced or because of graphical upgrades, it?s because there was a flaw deep inside the Donkey Kong 64?s core that programmers could not figure out.
And the only way they could think to fix it is to include an expansion pack, which repaired the error somehow.


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