Mcdonalds Offers Swearing Minions, Parents Outraged!

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Just like any other parent who want to give their children a toy, Robert Frazier bought several Minion toys included in the McDonalds Happy Meal for his three young children.? But as soon as they heard what the Minion said, ?her mom took it away?, Frazier said in a report, believing that the Minion said ?what the f*ck? (WTF).??Frazier was not alone, as several other parents were all angered as they believed that they heard the toy said a curse word.

Another parent, Robert Frazier, also personally found out about the offensive toy when he bought a Minion for his three-year-old son: ?I heard what it said and I?m like, ?whoa, hang on here,?? he said. ?It clearly says what it says?.

A grandfather also showed disdain for the Minion toy: ?It turned out to be a toy that decided to talk profanity? I can?t believe it?s coming out of a toy,? a certain grandparent Bradley Merten told WFTV-9.

In Defense Of The Cursing Toys

McDonalds defended the Minion collectibles, saying that they were speaking in ?Minionese?, a language that isn?t real, has no translation or meaning in any recongnized languages. McDonalds further clarified in a report that the Minions really said ?para la bukay,? ?hahaha? and ?eh eh.?

According to Director of Despicable Me and co-creator of the Minionese language Pierre Coffin, the words uttered by the toys could mean?bar ?f*ck? because of the Minion?s terrible sound quality.

?If it was my intent to say inappropriate stuff, you?d hear it, I promise you,” he said in a report. “But I?d be pretty stupid doing it in a movie for all audiences including kids. I don?t think myself as being very intelligent, but I?m certainly not that dumb.?

Fox asked around to know what people thought about the issue. ?Unless I was looking for it, I probably didn?t nothing much about it, Jerry Gerken told fox news.

Check out this video to hear for yourself what the Minions are saying.


Has this issue prevented you from watching the movie and patronizing McDonalds?

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