Would You Like A “One Console” Generation?

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Ever since the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 were announced, fanboys have been present. People coming up with the most ridiculous comments to defend “their” console even they are both amazing consoles. Now what if Sony and Microsoft decided to head into the next generation working together?

This would first of all eliminate all these fanboy wars and debates over which console is better. This would also allow for an “ultimate” console. Sony could do the hardware, Microsoft could manage the online services, and they could both join together to enhance the software lineup. This would allow for 360 and PS3 gamers to join together and be gamers again. But could this lead to something negative as well?

If this were to happen, there would be a few negative effects. First of all, there would not really be any competition unless Nintendo decided to go after the hardcore next generation. Although this is possible, I expect Nintendo to keep doing what they do. Now without competition, what would force the companies and developers to work hard? What would drive them to go to the next level? For example, without Xbox Live, do you think the PlayStation Network would be where it is today? Sony had to be influenced to add the in-game xmb and trophies. One other negative occurrence could be the decisions. Sony and Microsoft have their own strategies and they would need to work out a way to work together. For example, Sony prefers to have a free online service, while Microsoft does not. They also have their own ways of getting their games. Even though this would take some time to work out, it would be very rewarding for the gamers.

So would you want a one console generation? Please leave a comment explaining why and remember that I am not including the Wii as it appeals to a different crowd.

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