Would you believe that a zipperless luggage bag is more secure than the ones with the zipper?

This premium, classic suitcase will never compromise your style over its durability

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Luggage can either make or break a traveler’s experience. No wonder we often overuse these bags and end up dealing with broken suitcases trying to repair them ourselves. Maybe it is time to invest in the most durable luggage you can use in the long run – the Monos Hybrid.

Monos’ Hybrid Carry-On is a zipperless, unbreakable, light, and resilient suitcase made from aluminum and polycarbonate. This suitcase is made from aerospace-grade German polycarbonate that makes them durable enough to withstand anything. It has amazing impact and shock resistance, and instead of cracking upon impact, its polycarbonate blends.

Suitcases like the Monos Hybrid Carry-On unites thoughtful simplicity with exceptional quality in its premium suitcase line that will never compromise your style over its functionality.

What makes Monos Hybrid Carry-On different from other suitcases?

Aside from being zipperless and durable, the following features are what makes this luggage stand out:

  • It features a resilient and sophisticated lightweight aluminum case.
  • Zipperless aluminum frame. It has two latches with integrated TSA-approved locks that provide an added layer of security while giving you quick access to your suitcase contents without needing to pull a zipper around the entire case.
  • Adjustable telescopic handle with four height settings
  • Lined with a luxuriously soft 350D anti-microbial interior fabric
  • It has a vegan leather detail for a luxurious look.
  • Hinomoto Lisof Silent Run 360° wheels
  • This suitcase includes an anti-microbial laundry bag and two shoe bags, plus a vegan leather luggage tag.

Monos is a luggage brand often dubbed as the Apple of suitcases that offer simply elegant pieces of luggage with high-end features. Their name is inspired by the Japanese concept of mono no aware – the profound appreciation of the beauty in fleeting moments.

The brand believes that a well-designed, premium suitcase doesn’t need to be loud and flashy. In today’s throwaway society of passing trends and mass consumption, they design their pieces to be timeless classics, with an understated aesthetic that stands the test of time.

Travelers have become consciously picky in choosing the storage of their items during travels. Monos’ Hybrid Carry-On is such a hit among frequent travelers, but it’s not just because of its functionality and convenience alone, but it can also keep up with your stylish luxurious aura with its form and design.


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