World?s modern jukebox called Gramofon streams cloud music to your sound system via WiFi

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Fon, the world’s largest WiFi network has launched its newest WiFi-music gadget called Gramofon, a modern jukebox that streams cloud music to your system.

Gramofon is a new gadget category that blends WiFi and music. It has all the functionality of a Fonera but also works with Spotify to deliver the easiest way to play your cloud music from your existing sound system. On top of that it is social, so up to 20 people can connect via Facebook, and DJ simultaneously. Additionally, it works amazingly with other Gramofon units,” CEO and founder Martin Varsavsky wrote in his official blog announcing the launching of Gramofon on a crowdsourced network of backers.

Recounting how the team started it all, CEO Varsavsky said that they decided to build Gramofon about a year and a half ago because he found that there was no product in the market that would allow him to play cloud music in the way that he listens to music. He said, ?I tried everything and wasn?t satisfied with the solutions that were out there because they either made me buy an expensive new system, were expensive solutions to a simple problem, or were poor solutions and hacks? which lead to putting together a prototype early last year in New York.

He added that Fon Labs has been working on the product out of Bilbao ever since. ?We worked with Bone and Black on the design and now have a beautiful device that is finally ready to be revealed to the world!?

How it works?

1. Connect your Gramofon to the sound system or speakers of your choice.

2. Connect Gramofon to the Internet via ethernet or on your current WiFi.

3. Connect any Android or iOS phone to the Gramofon’s WiFi signal.

4. Stream your favorite playlist from Spotify or listen to the free radio service powered by WahWah, all directly through the cloud.

“We built the Gramofon with the same core technology as our Fon routers, which means the cloud jukebox is also a great WiFi hotspot. With the Gramofon, you get free WiFi in millions of places around the world. Unlike most hotspots, with Gramofon you don’t need to use passwords. Your friends can use their Facebook logins to connect automatically,” Fon said.

Technical specifications of Gramofon

? 3.14 x 3.14 x 1.65 inches // 80 x 80x 42mm
? WiFi 802.11b/g/n
? Gramofon comes with the Gramofon app, featuring free streaming radio
? Spotify Premium gives you 30 days free when you sign up and works with Gramofon
? WahWah is a free radio service that works with Gramofon (the service will start in the USA, Spain and Brazil, and expand over time)
? Qualcomm Atheros AR9341
? AP / Hotspot, WPS and bridge mode supported
? Included: 5V/1A Charger, 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable
? Audio Out: 3.5mm Stereo
? Android, iOS
? Windows phone and desktop apps to come

Right now, Fon has locked their first production run for 6500 units, set to ship in July.

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