World of Warcraft Vs. Overwatch: WoW Losing Out?

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World of Warcraft (WoW) has recently caused some stir in the gaming community. A Polish magazine called Pixel quoted game director Tom Chilton to have revealed that the biggest MMO game has now a little more than 10 million subscribers. You can find it translated here on Reddit.


It had him saying that there are around 10.1M subscribers currently in the game. He also revealed that they have an inner rivalry against Overwatch. World of Warcraft subscriptions had a peak of 12 million in October 2010. A Forbes report showed the game went down from that to just 5.5 million in October 2015. This too is the last time Blizzard had reported the number of subscribers.

Andy Chalk of PC Gamer reported that Blizzard had denied the figure for this report. He said that according to the representative, it was their policy for almost a year now to not talk about subscriber numbers. ?He chucked this up to misquoting or some misunderstanding by the journalist.

If the figure is true, this meant that World of Warcraft has dramatically bounced back from last year. Did the Warcraft movie help? If it did then the interest might have spiked the numbers up a bit, but it could wane in a while.

World of Warcraft vs. Overwatch

There is indeed an inner rivalry between the two Blizzard games. If World of Warcraft really has a new spike in players at 10 million, Overwatch was also reported to have surpassed the 10 million mark last June. This is according to The Daily Dot. ?The numbers for Overwatch could still be increasing. The game is new and the gameplay is faster.

World of Warcraft requires more time from a user as well. New users could be disheartened if they play online seeing older ones having more skills and items than them.

Overwatch might even surpass World of Warcraft?s subscription peak at 12 million. Will Overwatch be the World of Warcraft killer? We shall see.

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