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World Of Warcraft Legion: US, Australia, And Europe Unlock Times

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world of warcraft legion

The massive multiplayer online RPG, World of Warcraft Legion, is all set to hit PCs within the next couple of hours. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, the game servers will be unlocked on August 30 at different times for different regions. Those who pre-ordered the game must already be looking forward to it. Here are the details about the unlock times of the upcoming expansion.

World of Warcraft Legion in the US

In North America, the game will be available on August 30. The game?s release schedule is as follows: 3am EDT, 2am CDT, 1am ?MDT ?and 12am PDT. The sixth expansion pack will be released throughout the region on the said date.

World of Warcraft Legion in Australia

In Australia, the expansion pack will be available on August 30. Players on PC living in Australia will be able to play the game starting from 5pm AEST. The servers will go live at this time, and the game?s new expansion pack will be unlocked for the entire region.

World of Warcraft Legion in Europe

Players in Europe will be among those who will get their hands on the sixth expansion pack before everyone else. Legion will be released on August 29 according to BST time. The servers will be unlocked at 11pm local time. In some parts of Europe, the game?s new expansion pack will be available on August 30 at 12am CET.

Blizzard Entertainment said that the arrival of this expansion pack is just the beginning. The game developer has planned many things for the game, and players will see them in the coming months. The company will bring more content in the month of September and October. On day one, the company will introduce some of the new features, including the dungeons. The game?s level cap?will be increased from 100 to 110.

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