World War 3 News: U.S. Military Failing In Asia As China?s Rise to Power Continues

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World War 3

Russia may well be on its way to conquer Eastern Europe but the United States is deeply worried of China?s ascension to power in Asia and the subsequent WW3 that might follow. From Beijing securing its claims to the South China Sea islands to the subsequent tensions of North Korea?s nuclear test, the U.S. military is losing its grip in Asia. The United States? plans to hold out against an increasingly powerful Beijing could ultimately fire up into an inescapable conflict.

South China Sea

Despite China?s territorial conflict over South China Sea with several nations including Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei, the United States failed to protect the interests of its allies. Washington is unable to control a more assertive Beijing who rejected the UN Court?s ruling that declared China?s claims ?illegal?.

The United States? failure in preventing China from reclaiming more islands in Spratlys is quite obvious. China continues with its island building spree and strengthening itself by building more airstrips and fortifying reefs. The U.S. plans of ?freedom of navigation? seems more a failure as their ships were heckled by the Chinese patrol more than once.

Island building spree by China (photo

Island building spree by China (photo

In fact, the U.S. allies are worried as they themselves are losing trust in the U.S. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced that Manila would cease maritime cooperation with the U.S. Japan, on other hand, seeks more freedom to build their own military and nuclear programs.

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A long time U.S. ally, Taiwan, is feeling the heat from China. Chinese Premier Xi Jinping?s ominous warnings that the reunification of the renegade state cannot be delayed indefinitely, has Taiwan worried.

Analysts warn that military construction on the Spratlys is an effort to isolate Taiwan physically for use of military force to unify the island with People?s Republic of China. Perceiving American weakness, Taiwan?s military is also engaged in island fortification at Itu Aba, its sole possession in the South China Sea.

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North Korea

North Korea?s increasing efforts in building a nuclear weapon and developing missiles to attack America also suggest U.S. weakness. Despite a number of sanctions, the failed nation is keeping up with its weapon development plan. Though China may have imposed UN sanctions on Pyongyang, it indirectly supports the nation.


China doesn’t want the United States securing more power in the Korean peninsula. It has promised to oppose the unilateral sanctions that the U.S. plans to put in the North.

With China openly defying the mighty United States, a conflict in the near future seems a lot plausible. The U.S. is the current status quo power and Beijing the probable usurper as the communist nation continues to grow both economically and militarily. Amid escalating tensions, China is not willing to have its ambitions curbed. And the U.S. is not ready to accept the No. 2 spot. Both the military powers are on a collision course and the resulting collision could only mean a WW3.

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