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World of Warcraft: Possibly Coming To Your Consoles

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Speculations are circling among the WoW community about the possibility of a World of Warcraft game in consoles.

However,?this kind of speculation has been around for quite some time, and Blizzard would always comment that they would definitely do a console version for WoW if they can?produce?a console controller, that handles all keybinding combinations, which is normally handled by mouse and keyboard.

As most WoW gamers know, the sheer number of abilities available to a WoW character could easily occupy several bars. While not all of these abilities are always in use, there are certain skills like Buff that must always be present.

Playing WoW can be both taxing for the PC and the gamer. Players get confused over the use of keybinding combinations, or suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome due to prolonged use of the keyboard and mouse.

The difficulties of converting WoW to a console version can be accomplished, since Blizzard’s technology to do this is becoming more viable.

Reduction of Abilities

Blizzard will soon launch a new WoW expansion pack ? Warlords of Draenor. Players would immediately notice the disappearance of many abilities. The company may have realized that the gameplay is being affected by too many skills.

If Blizzard can reduce the number of abilities to 16 or less, then the controller of a console could handle it. There are certain PlayStation games that?reduced their number of abilities by using trigger button combinations.

Blizzard games expanding to consoles

Since the first Warcraft game was released, most of Blizzard?s successful games are in personal computers. But that did not stop the Company from taking a foothold on gaming consoles. The first attempt in this direction was the launch of Starcraft 64 ? a Nintendo version of Starcaft. Unfortunately it was not as successful as the PC version.

The second game and probably the?first commercial success in consoles was?Diablo 3. The game was launched for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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