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World of Warcraft Legion News: Everything You Need To Know

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World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft or WoW will have an expansion that is set to release on Aug. 30. Blizzard Entertainment has stated the exact release time of when will the expansion go live. Latin America, North America, and New Zealand/Australia will be able to access the game at 5pm AEST or 12am PT

World of Warcraft Expansion Schedules

However, the PvP season is still a few weeks away. World of Warcraft PvP season will start on September 20. Otherwise, players can collect Honor for the mean time when the expansion is released..

Check the list of Dungeon dates and Legion raid via Blizzard Entertainment:


  • August 30, Tuesday – Legion Expansion goes live, dungeons on Normal to Heroic difficulties can be accessed immediately. After the weekly dungeon reset, Mythic dungeon difficulty will be available.


  • September 20, Tuesday – The Emerald Nightmare Raid Dungeon will be accessible only in Heroic to Normal difficulties. Mythic Keystones will now start to drop, this will enable the players to have an increased challenge and earn more rewards in Mythic dungeons.


  • September 27, Tuesday – Players will now have access to Mythic difficulty of the Emerald Nightmare Raid Dungeon. The first wing of Raid Finder difficulty will also be available for Emerald Nightmare


  • October 11, Tuesday – Access to Raid Finder Wing 2 for Emerald Nightmare will now be available


  • October 25, Tuesday – Access to Raid Finder Wing 3 for Emerald Nightmare will now be available

Worlf of Warcraft Expansion Contents

World of Warcraft Legion, is the sixth expansion for the game. There?s a bunch of changes including:

  • Level cap increased to 110
  • Artifact Weapons for each class specializations
  • New area on Azeroth, the Broken Isles
  • Demon Hunter Hero Class available for level 98
  • 10 to 5 Men dungeon raids
  • Legion PvP Season 1
  • PvP Honor
  • Prestige System

World of Warcraft

Pre-Purchase Includes Bonuses

Pre-purchasing the World of Warcraft Legion will grant the players the access to a free level 100 character and an early access to the Demon Hunter. These contents should keep the players busy for a massive amount of time.

World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer role-playing game that is available for PC. An old but still kicking game up until now, despite the massive loss of player base. It is the fourth game in the Warcraft series
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