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World of Warcraft Legion Release: Prepare For The Expansion This Week

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World of Warcraft Legion

The World of Warcraft Legion pre-expansion pack is going live today, and here?s how you can prepare for the new content and features. Game developer Blizzard has already detailed the pre-expansion pack, and according to them, some big changes are coming this July 19, from major in-game events to system changes and quality of life improvements. The studio will unveil some game features today, while some of them will be unlocked when the complete expansion pack arrives in the next couple of weeks.

As the highly popular MMORPG is getting new changes with the pre-expansion patch, players need to know how to survive in the game. On its official blog, the studio has released a video survival guide that teaches fans how to deal with the new changes and keep progressing in the game. According to Blizzard, the World of Warcraft Legion expansion supports new class mechanics. Every single class in the game will see some changes, and some of them are substantial.

For rough, Blizzard has renamed the combat Outlaw. Demonology warlocks have been refocused around summoning and controlling many demons at once. The new expansion allows players to switch between any classes at any time. There will be no need to designate primary and secondary specs.

With the pre-expansion patch, players of the game will be able to permanently unlock their items account-wide. In PVP, the players are given pre-determined stats. Players also get a minor bonus level.

Once Legion launches, gears will no longer be a major part of PVP. The developer said that these are the things that will change immediately with the pre-expansion patch, but more will be coming in the future when the Legion expansion pack launches.

The sixth expansion, World of Warcraft Legion, will be released on August 30. The pre-expansion patch to support the upcoming expansion will go live today.

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