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?World of Warcraft? Gnomes Can Now Become Hunters: Powers And Skills Revealed

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Finally, after all these years, the Gnomes can now access the Hunter class role.

For almost a decade, the Gnome race have no access to the Hunter class as they are only have access to seven of the twelve available classes in the game. So far the Gnomes can become a Monk, Mage, Rogue, Warrior, Death Knight, Priest and Warlock, but a Hunter class that almost available to the entire Alliance race, only the Gnome were not allowed to use that. But finally, things are starting to change.

The Gnomes Hunter will become available once The Legion expansion arrives on World of Warcraft. This new announcement was possibly made because of the reception for World of Warcraft is starting to drop, as it has reach its nine-year low in the game subscription, as it only has 5.6 million active subscribers for the game. They just lost 1.5 million players based on the second fiscal quarter. The move to have Gnome Hunters is more of a way to entice inactive players to return to the game or some chances for new players to try out the game as well.

The Gnomes may be small, but their small size makes it an advantage for them to become sneaky, and with their engineering specialty makes them a deadlier foe.

Here is the snippet from the announcement from the official website:

?Long at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in Azeroth, the inventive gnomes are finally ready to break out the big guns. Their propensity for things that go ?bang? and knack for high-tech weapons like rocket launchers, high-powered rifles, and death rays make them perfect candidates for hunting down prey.

And with the events about to unfold on the Broken Shore, High Tinker Mekkatorque has commanded his people to get outfitted and ready for battle?any way they know how.?

The Legion expansion for World of Warcraft will be available on September 16, 2016 for the PC.

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