World of Warcraft Expansion, Warlords of Draenor, Enable the Ability to Build Garrisons

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World of Warcraft?s expansion is named Warlords of Draenor and one of the most interesting features of the said expansion is the ability to build a Garrison. Blizzard describes it as an ?expandable, customizable stronghold that will serve as each player?s personal base of operations?. This gives users the ability to personalize a lot of things to make each experience unique to the user.

Blizzard has launched a four part series of articles that details how Garrisons will work in the coming fifth expansion of the massively multiplayer online game. The buildings will allow players to recruit NPCs or Non Player Characters who can live in the Garrisons, participate in helpful missions, and even gather resources.

The Garrison will become an integral part of your WoW experience as it affects a lot of things within the game. You will also be tasked to make certain decisions that also affect the outcome of your playing experience in the future.

The story you weave in Draenor is one of personal heroism, but your actions have a wider impact?part of your mission is to raise an army capable of toppling the Iron Horde, and the Garrison is integral to that experience. In terms of gameplay, that means you?ll be creating and strengthening your Garrison as you journey to level 100. While questing through Draenor, you?ll encounter opportunities to choose between different types of buildings to add to your Garrison. Each choice will have an impact on your leveling experience, influencing the quests you?ll have available and the zone-specific benefits you?ll unlock upon completion of your chosen structure.

The image above is an example of this diversification. While questing in Gorgrond, players will be tasked to choose between the Lumber Mill and the Sparring Arena. This will enable the construction of a military outpost that is centered on the chosen building. The decision is important on how players experience the zone because there will be quests that are specific to the chosen building and the building will receive a permanent benefit whenever the players are in Gorgrond.

The Worlds or Draenor expansion is slated to be released later this year. It was first announced at BlizzCon last year.

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