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?World Of Warcraft? Download Update: Blizzard Brings Back Burning Legion In New Expansion, New Class, Beta Release Revealed

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Blizzard has finally announced the upcoming expansion at Gamescom in hopes of bringing back the hype for the longest running MMORPG. In the newest expansion called Legion, players are excited to see the Burning Legion is back along with new content and changes to the game.

The level cap has been raised again, this time up to level 110, it will also feature a new class called Demon Hunter. Based on the character class of Illidan, Demon Hunters has decorative horns as their facial features and will be a hero class level meaning you can start at a higher level once you create your Demon Hunter. It will have two specs; Havoc which is more on DPS and Vengeance which is a tanker.

The New Honor PvP System will be added to the game, after some complaints on the previous PvP feature in Warlords of Draenor, the system has been redesigned to make sure that it?ll will only use talents that are designed only for PvPs and PvE talents will not disrupt the balance in matches.

New maps and some familiar areas are making a return. There will be a new area called the Broken Isles and Dalaran will return as a new neutral city hub. Players will be able to explore and battle waves of demons in the Tombs of Sargeras, which has a deep history in the Warcraft lore, and a new raid map called Emerald Nightmare.

New Artifacts will be introduced in the Legion expansion, there will be 36 Artifacts that exist in the game and can be obtained as a reward in certain unique quests. These Artifacts can be augmented to unlock powerful traits and can be customized both in stats and cosmetics.

The new Class Order Halls are unique meeting places for each character classes. These can be accessible after acquiring a certain class?s Artifact Weapon, this is also the place to customize Artifacts. The Class Order Hall is also a recruitment place for Followers that have impact in the game?s storyline.

No word on when the newest expansion to be released, but expect a beta test to be available this year, you can check out more updates on the official World of Warcraft expansion page

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