World of Warcraft Update: New Game Mode Lets Players Fight Against Overwatch-Inspired Characters

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Since Blizzard’s shooter released on May 24, Overwatch has been doing well. It?s still gaining huge popularity up to the present. Now the upcoming World of Warcraft update has merged with their own Overwatch game to bring forth a hybrid update for their fans.

The next World of Warcraft update would be hosting familiar figures, costumes and character names in their upcoming patch (7.1.5). Wowhead reports?that there will be a tribute done for three Overwatch characters that will be found in the returning ?Brawler?s Guild?. ?Rank 6 Bosses? is the stage that they will be under.

The report says that Hudson will be a tribute to the gorilla, Winston, which specializes in ?Barrier Projector?, ?Tesla Cannon? and ?Jump Pack? skills. Dupree on the other hand will be a homage to cowboy McCree who casts ?High Noon?. Finally, Stuffshrew will be a tribute to Junkrat which casts ?Maniacal Grin.?

Furthermore, the report also states that ?data points to additional Ogrewatch bosses that could be rotated in?. These bosses will include the likes of Blinker for Tracer, Boargut for Roadhog, Render for Reaper and Steingardt for Reinhardt.

WOW players can definitely look forward to these special series Overwatch bosses in the upcoming 7.1.5 patch. So as early as now, better practice so that you can be ready to make it to rank six on Brawler?s Guild.

There is still no news as to when the next patch will be released. All we know is that after the so-called ?holiday break? of the Blizzard team. They will be working once again to have it released hopefully around this month.

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This would be a good tactic that the team from Blizzard could use to address the issue of Overwatch surpassing World of Warcraft. Nevertheless, we could clearly state that the Blizzard team is doing a darn good job with making and updating their games. The World of Warcraft update is a fine example of their unwavering talent and imagination.

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