World of Tanks Update 9.2 Introduces New Game Mode: Strongholds

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Know more about Update 9.2 for the tank-battle MMO game World of Tanks

Know more about Update 9.2 for the tank-battle MMO game World of Tanks


Developer announced the roll out of Update 9.2 to World of Tanks, a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game involving battle tanks. The most important addition that this update will bring is the new game mode called Strongholds. The North American roll out already began; Asia and Europe will follow suit today, July 31.

In their own words, this is how describes the new World of Tanks game mode:

“Strongholds is an all new game mode designed specifically for members of Clan Wars. Clan Commanders are now able to create virtual bases for their clans, participate in Skirmishes alongside their fellow players, earn Industrial Resources, develop their Stronghold up to Level 4 and be awarded with special bonuses called Orders. Tankers can use Orders to activate a variety of temporary in-game bonuses for all clan members in all combat modes. As the level of the Stronghold increases, so does the frequency and quality of bonuses received.”

World of Tanks Update 9.2 carries over various revamped maps such as Cliff, Airfield, Sacred Valley, El Halluf, Sand River, Hidden Village, Karelia, and Himmelsdorf. The changes were mainly focused on balance and strategy so if you?re playing the game, you?ll want to keep an extra eye for those maps.

Aside from those maps, there’s also a new combat territory added to the game, it?s called Fiery Salient. This battlefield is somewhat similar to earlier Word of Tanks map and now features a sniper?s perch along with a raised train track .

To know more about the release notes for this update, go here. If you want to play the game right now, this is the right button to click. Meanwhile, Wargaming released this video to serve as an update review for the World of Tanks Update 9.2:


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