World of Final Fantasy Update: PS4 Pro Issues To Be Fixed In New Patch! Sora Champion Summon DLC Included?

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The recent World of Final Fantasy update has just been announced and the developers plan to do a few bug fixing and upgrading in the process. Let?s check out what the upcoming patch might have in store for us.

The game has been available for Playstation 4 and PS Vita since October 25 of this year. But ever since the game was released, there still has been a bit of an issue with regard to the screen being blurry when the game is played on Playstation 4 Pro.

With the latest information from Square Enix, it looks like the bug that is causing this trouble will finally be fixed in the upcoming 1.02 patch which arrives in Japan on January 12. This will finally resolve the blurs on the screen.

Along with this is the added PS Vita voice data download guide. A DLC check ?is now done when you select ?From the Beginning? or ?Continue.? If the player has not yet purchased the DLC voice, the game will follow a system message instead.

There is also an addition of a ?Puzzle Switch? activation. This will display a message if players meet the requirements to activate a puzzle switch.

Furthermore, there will be an available hint message displayed if the players clear the ?Vestige of Life? Intervention Quest. This message will be displayed at Sylver Park and will tell the players that they can claim their reward.

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Finally, this World of Final Fantasy update will have an additional ?Theater Mode? that the players can choose from. In this mode, players can view the event scenes that occurred during their gameplay. They can watch it anytime they want and as long as the scene is available in the Theater Mode.

Sora DLC

It’s also worth noting that January 12 is also the date that the free?Sora Champion Summon?becomes available in Japan. This was done to coincide with the release of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue in Japan. The release date for the free Sora Champion Summon hasn’t been revealed yet for other countries. It’s possible the free Sora DLC will be available on?January 24 for North America and Europe as Kingdom Hearts 2.8 releases on that day?for these countries.

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