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World Of Final Fantasy DLC: Sora Champion Summon Release Date On Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Launch Day

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Fans are about to get some special World of Final Fantasy DLC. Aside from summoning Cloud, Squall and Tidus, they will soon be able to summon Sora from Kingdom Hearts. The wielder of the Keyblade has been a fan favorite for some time, so this should make plenty of people happy. Plus, he’s a free download.

Why Is Sora Free World Of Final Fantasy DLC?

This is being done to promote the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 2.8 release. The game will be coming out in Japan on January 12, which is also the date for the DLC. As a way to build up some hype, this is a fairly effective way to do that. Seems like 2017 is going to be a great year for gaming.

Sora’s summoning outfit seems to match his appearance in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. The game was originally released on 3DS, but will be part of the 2.8 HD package. It will be interesting seeing a 3DS game get ported to the PS4. Aside from Dream Drop Distance, we will also see a brand new prologue story that sets up the events of Kingdom Hearts 3.

World Of Chibi Cuteness

Square Enix has released an image of Sora’s chibi image and he is quite adorable. It’s still unknown what his summon attack will look like, but the character alone should make fans download him instantly. Fans will only have a limited time to do so however, as he can only be downloaded till March 31.

Why the free World of Final Fantasy DLC has to be limited is a bit infuriating, but that’s the nature of gaming in this generation. Knowing game publishers, Sora will probably be re-released as paid DLC in the near future. Maybe when the first two games come to PS4 in March.

World of Final Fantasy is available right now on the PS4 and PS Vita. The RPG surprised fans by being nostalgic and fun at the same time. Those that want a solid RPG can enjoy the title, though Final Fantasy loyalists will enjoy it more.

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