World End News 2016: Supervolcanoes at Yellowstone Park, Toba, Mount Baekdu to Blow Up Soon?

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Seismologists believe that there?are couple of supervolcanoes that can erupt any time in the near future. A supervolcano can erupt over 1000 cubic kilometers of volcanic material. In other words, supervolcanoes are one thousand times more powerful from regular volcanic eruption.

When the magma present under the Earth?s mantle rises to its crust but is unable to break through it, it starts building massive amount of pressure as the magma continues to grow. Finally, when the crust is unable to contain the pressure, it can lead to massive eruptions.

It can cover huge area of land with volcanic ash and lava?and cause?irreversible damage to the weather. It can result in in massive disruption and extinction of species as it can increase the temperature up to 500 degrees. It can in turn result in plummeting of global temperatures by at least 21 degrees.


Here are some of the dangerous supervolcanoes that can erupt soon:

Yellowstone Park

Below the beautiful Yellowstone Park lies a massive reservoir of magma. It measures 55 miles by 20 miles and it has depth of 6 miles. Its eruption can throw over 240 cubic miles of magma.

Not only the magma would result in massive killing of people, the ash coming from it can huge damage to the environment. ?It has been dubbed by the University of Utah researchers as ?one of the planet?s biggest time bombs? that is waiting to explode.

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Toba Supervolcano

Situated at the north of Sumatra island, Indonesia, Toba supervolcano is one monster that is predicted to erupt soon. It had last erupted 25 million years ago due to the shifting of plates in Lake Toba.

Researchers have found that its magma is continuously building up. Its eruption can lead to a volcanic winter that can up to ten years along with a period of global cooling.

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Mount Baekdu

A millennium ago, a volcano by the name Mount Paektu (Baekdu) that lies in the border between China and North Korea had erupted. It had hurled fiery rocks as far as Japan.

The nuclear efforts of North Korea can possibly trigger supervolcano from Mount Baekdu. The strong ground movements created by nuclear weapon testing can disturb the magma chamber of the volcano.

There are other speculations humans will be able to survive catastrophic supervolcano eruptions. Then, what could lead to the end of the world in 2016? Solar storms, cosmic collisions or World War 3? Do let us know your thoughts by adding comments below.

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