Work From Your iPad: Ways to Accomplish Tasks Quicker and Easier

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Can you work from your iPad?

If you?ve been itching to buy the new iPad mini but feel guilty about spending money on something that you don?t really need, then here?s something that can justify it.

You can use your iPad to take care of business.

ipad for work
Here are different ways you can use your iPad for work:

Attend online meetings

Apps like GoToMeeting and WebEx will help you attend online meetings. These are great when collaborating on projects especially when co-workers are scattered in different parts of the world. The iPad has proven to be a very handy tool for people who are always on-the-go. It can ensure that you don?t miss or arrive late in any meeting because you can go online anytime anywhere.

using the ipadDownload, upload, and share important files

The iPad is awesome because you can use it to access important files from the Cloud. You don?t need to be in the office to forward documents to clients or your superiors. All you need is Dropbox, Google Drive or any other cloud content management system.

Review and edit documents and collaterals

Editors, managers, and creatives can easily review, create, and edit documents with the iPad. Apps like QuickOffice Pro, Documents To Go, Smart Office 2, and Office2 will allow you to edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and PDF files and even sync them with your cloud storage accounts.

ipad and notebookWrite blog posts and articles

Bloggers can use apps like Blogsy to update their blogs efficiently. These support blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger and they?ll make sure you don?t miss your deadline. Other iPad writing apps like Pages are also ideal for writing articles, proposals, or drafts of your next book.

Create reports

Creating weekly or monthly reports become a breeze on the iPad. You can use QuickOffice Pro you to create a spreadsheet for those weekly sales or stat reports. Numbers is another app that is very intuitive and easy to use.

Keep track of your social media accounts

Social media managers, online marketers and business owners need to constantly update their social media accounts. They also need to monitor what consumers say about their brand and perform damage control when necessary.

ipad home screenIt can be hard to do if you?re shackled to your office computer. Surely you can?t sit in front of the desktop all day. That?s why the iPad is more idea when keeping track of social media accounts. Apps like Hootesuite are great because they allow you to manage all profiles in just one account. You can schedule posts in advance and monitor mentions of your brand so you?ll know if your marketing efforts are effective.

See how the iPad can be very useful at work? Don’t feel guilty about buying one. It’ll definitely be worth every cent. Plus, the benefits sure outweigh the price.


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