Wordeo: App Adds Typography To Video Messages

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Wordeo: App Adds Typography To Video Messages


First, they added photos to text messages.

Then, they added video attachments to text messages or posts.

Now, they want to put ??text? in the video messages, and this is where Wordeo comes in.


Wordeo is an app that lets users add text or typography to videos they make.

It enables the user to make the video more than just a message but to tell a story as well.

With the advent of HD cameras in smartphones, everyone is an instant film-maker and many users capture everyday life in video format. There are many apps and tools that assist smartphone videographers in organizing and editing their footage, but Wordeo is a new tool that gives amateur videographers and ?filmmakers? the ability to add text in order to ?subtitle? their story and make it more appealing.


Users of Wordeo can add the names of their subjects and places they shoot as well as make ?comments? on what the viewer is seeing. The more ?creative? individual can actually create a story to communicate a thought or an idea (or to sell something? ).


Wordeo, which also has other tools aside from adding text to the videos ( users can change soundtracks, edit in new clips, and share it easily with followers and friends) is currently offered for free on the Apple App Store ( just downloaded mine before they start charging for it). An Android version is still being developed as of this writing.


To use Wordeo, users begin, not with a video, but with a text message (or a story) that they wish to share to their friends or contacts in social media. They can then choose and crop a video footage from their smartphone for each word in the message they composed. This gives the ?word? a more visual and active meaning. They can then select a typeface and a musical soundtrack to go with it and voil? ?… the video story / message is ready to be viewed and appreciated.


Want to see a sample?

Take a look at the video below:

Video: Best of Wordeo ? David Bailey (YouTube)

Photo Source: https://www.facebook.com/appcenter/326228417512003?fb_source=search&fbsid=1101





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