Wonder Woman Vs Captain Marvel: Does DC Need A Better Heroine?

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Wonder Woman Vs Capt. Marvel

DC and Marvel are set to debut their first female-led superhero films soon with Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, respectively. Both characters share similarities in terms or powers including flight and superhuman strength. But who would win if we pit them against each other? Let’s take a look at each competitor and figure out what they’re capable of bringing to the table.

Wonder Woman vs Captain Marvel: Background

Both Carol Danvers and Diana Prince are feminist icons, but there’s a slight difference on how they’ve become one. DC’s heroine was born into feminism as Princess Diana. She was created from a soul of the unborn daughter of the first woman who was murdered by a man and somehow was influenced into becoming a feminist since she was born surrounded by females.

Danvers, on the other hand, overcame the odds of becoming one. She was born into a family who does not believe in gender equality and became an independent woman with a military background and her own career. Switching jobs to become an editor of WOMAN magazine was her breakthrough in feminism. There, she expressed viewpoints on women empowerment amid opposition from her male boss, J. Jonah Jameson.

Wonder Woman vs Captain Marvel: Super Powers

Wonder Woman‘s powers including her superior strength were a present from the Greek Gods themselves. Born among an army of Amazon warriors, Diana started combat training from an early age. She has the strength of Demeter, enough to trade punches with Superman and retains the speed of Hermes, fast enough to reflect bullets off her wristbands. The character isn’t only strong but also confident and unrelenting when it comes to fighting a battle. She can beat people hand to hand and with her signature sword and shield and can even knock people out by merely throwing her tiara.

Wonder Woman Vs Captain Marvel

Marvel’s heroine may have been an ordinary person at first, but she has a strong military mind too and she didn’t stop using this even after she got her powers. Captain Marvel is best known for being outspoken when it comes to the safety of others, and fearless to take risk dying to save the world. While she hasn’t been lifting temples in her childhood unlike Diana, Danvers’ strength levels allow her to lift and throw objects ranging from 75 to 92 tons.

She can also fly and easily hit Mach-3 speeds. Her speed is enough to dodge bullets, although she herself isn’t bulletproof. Luckily, she can absorb almost any type of energy, which in turn bolsters all of her attacks.

Wonder Woman Vs Captain Marvel

Wonder Woman vs Captain Marvel: Popularity

Having been around for roughly 70 years now, it’s easy to say that Wonder Woman is the most popular female superhero of all time. The character has appeared in a wide variety of media outside of comic books including the first successful live-action adaptation in 1975, the Wonder Woman television series starring Lynda Carter. Warner Bros.’ upcoming film starring Gal Gadot would be the latest one. It is set to premiere worldwide on June 2.

By contrast, Captain Marvel has only been around in her current incarnation for two years. She has limited merchandise at this point, but she’s expected to become more recognizable once she debuts on the MCU, in Avengers: Infinity War and star on her solo film which is due for release in 2019.

The Verdict

It’s easy to say that Wonder Woman wins the fight. And while DC has yet to catch up with Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, the studio clearly doesn’t need a better heroine than the Amazon princess. She’s a definitive female hero, a brand, and an icon, with more than seventy years of history. Plus her strength is unbeatable.

Captain Marvel’s abilities are also impressive, but not even close to being as impressive as Wonder Woman’s. If they fought each other, it’d be an easy win for DC’s heroine. However, it’s important to note that it’s largely because Diana has immortal attributes, so Danvers still shouldn’t be underappreciated. And when it comes to real life, we’re pretty sure that Captain Marvel’s Carol Danvers is a superhero all on her own.

So which has the best heroine? Marvel or DC? Comment your thoughts below, here’s an exclusive infographic from The Bitbag to help you with your thoughts:

Wonder Woman Vs Capt. MarvelLorraine Lorenzo | The Bitbag

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