?Wolverine 3? Movie Update: Hugh Jackman To Reprise His Most Iconic Role For The Last Time? Saber Tooth To Return, Movie Will Include Fans? Most Wanted Scenes, And More!

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Change really is inevitable as our most beloved Wolverine star Hugh Jackman will be reprising his role one last time for ?Wolverine 3.? This may be the last time we see the scruffy beard and devilish hairstyle of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine so you can expect that they will create an awe-inspiring movie yet.

The third wolverine film, which will hit theaters early 2017, will unfortunately be the final performance of Hugh Jackman, according to Comic Book Movie. His eight films as the famed Wolverine have given spectacular entertainment and breathtaking action to fans around the world. And with ?Wolverine 3? almost going to production, Jackman unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con what would be the first teaser image for the third wolverine movie.

Hugh Jackman got a considerable response when he took to social media and asked Wolverine fans to share what they would like to happen in his last movie as Wolverine. The famed actor then recently appeared on the Sydney Confidential podcast to take a few moments in sharing some of the things we might see in ?Wolverine 3.?

Sabretooth to return

?There was a lot of calls for Victor Creed to come back, there was? I must admit I was quite heartened by a number of people saying please don?t make it the last, but I?m really excited about this last one,? Jackman said in an interview with Sydney Confidential. The return of Wolverine?s long time adversary Victor Creed would be a great addition to the movie considering it would be the last film. But for those of you who don?t remember, Sabretooth was recently played by Liev Schreiber from the last Wolverine movie. It will definitely be a joy to everyone for Sabretooth to return and be torn excruciatingly in half by his rival, but let?s hope for a better announcement.

?Berserker Rage?

Hugh Jackman then shared in his interview with the Sydney Confidential a little exciting plot for the exhilarated fans. ?And if you?re a comic book fan, then the words ?berserker rage? came up a lot, so if you know Wolverine, you?ll understand,? Any comic book fan would know that Wolverine?s ?berserker rage? is sort of a state where he ?lashes out with intensity and aggression of an enraged animal and even more resistant to psionic attack,? posted by WeGotThisCovered.com. In short, we get to see him be crazier.

It was also recently confirmed that actor Patrick Stewart will also join the cast of the next Wolverine movie. And with ?Wolverine 3? nearing, it won?t be long before director James Mangold shares more detailed information on the upcoming movie. So when you have the time, try tweeting to Hugh Jackman your hopes and aspirations for the movie, maybe they?ll get a chance to add some of the fans wishes.

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