Wolfenstein The New Order: Hints and Tips

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In Wolfenstein: The New Order you take control of Blazkowicz, a voracious freedom fighter engaged in a perilous mission to thwart the sadistic Nazi operation and restore justice to all of mankind. No better way to fight these villainous tyrants than to have a pre-meditated battle plan. With that being said, I give you some useful hints and tips that will aid you in subduing the loathsome autocrats.

Godspeed soldier!

  • Finest Weapons

You will find it relatively easy to dispose enemies if you successfully exploit each weapon?s potential. Different situations and conditions call for varied firepower.
? The assault rifle is fast, efficient for dispatching hounds, turrets, small robots, and adversaries at long range, but isn?t good for dual wielding.

? The automatic shotgun is a potent armament for close range encounters and for dual wielding, but isn?t the best choice for picking out distant enemies.

? The modified laser cutter is very effective against human foes and colossal robots, but needs constant recharging before you can dole out its serious firepower. Conserve it for tight and feverish gunfights.

  • Throwing Knives

Don?t even attempt to throw knives at robots; they are resistant and impervious to feeble weapons.

  • Dual Wielding

Take note, when you go dual-wielding, your accuracy will significantly decrease because of your inability to use its sights. Reloading takes time, exposing you to enemy fire. I strongly suggest you find a suitable cover to perform the reload animation.

  • Upgrade Armaments

Invest your money on weapon upgrades rather than skills. All of your abilities will be upgraded once you locate the final ?Tome of Power?, so for now take the shrewd approach. By doing so you?ll save a lot of cash in the long run.

  • Using the Environment

During stealth attacks use your environment to your advantage. Find a perfect spot to take out patrolling guards, hide in the shadows and be discreet.

  • Taking Down Particle Cannon-Wielding Nazis

The Cannon-Wielding Nazis are tough and hard-hitting. I strongly suggest you locate their weak spots first before engaging. These pugnacious enemies have targets on their shoulders; make use of your Mire ability to destroy them. Once you have done it correctly, a third target will emerge on its back, damage it as well and he?ll soon be squatting in his own filth.

  • Recording Locations

The game contains a hidden tune that you unlock as you progress through the levels, find all three recordings and you?ll acquire a complete song in the pause menu. Follow the instructions below to find their specific locations.

? Recording #1 ? In Chapter 5 once you reach the resistance?s stronghold make your way through the hall with the television monitors. On the other side there?s a room, enter it and go to the room on the left side to retrieve the first recording.

? Recording #2 ? In Chapter 7, Locate a room with a visible hole in the wall, you can find a set of rakes on the right side. Investigate the area to acquire the second recording.

? Recording #3 ? In Chapter 9, you can obtain the last recording in a lobby near the top most part of the map.

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