Wolf Of The Battlefield: Commando 3 Available Today On Xbox Live Arcade

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Not only is this game available today, but if you purchase it, you’ll automatically get added into the Super Street Fighter II HD beta which starts on June 25. It’s a great time to be a gamer. Here’s the full release from Capcom:

Wanted to let you know that “Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3” will
be available on Xbox LIVE Arcade today, following release of the game on
the PlayStation Network Store last week.

As the spiritual successor to the Commando and Mercs classic shooter
series, Wolf of the Battlefield™: Commando 3 brings some serious nonstop
blasting action to the digital download space befitting the games
renowned lineage. Players will assume the role of a rag-tag group of
specialized soldiers, each with their own unique characteristics, who
take on General Ratiev, a tyrannical despot pent on global shenanigans.
Thankfully, players won’t be alone on this seemingly impossible mission;
up to three players can enjoy the classic arcade-style shooter
simultaneously on a single console or online. Wolf of the Battlefield™:
Commando 3 also compensates for the co-op multiplayer mode by
dynamically shifting difficulty levels based on the number of players in
the game, ensuring that the game always poses a challenge.

With a soundtrack created by Norihiko Hibino , famous for his work on
the Metal Gear soundtrack, a wide arsenal of devastating weapons,
controllable co-op vehicles, 4 default levels of difficulty, and a
comprehensive scoring system and online leaderboards, Wolf of the
Battlefield™: Commando 3 is guaranteed to bring more action than you can
sink your teeth into.

With the purchase of “Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3,” Xbox 360
owners will be automatically eligible to participate in an exclusive
beta test to help improve the online version of “Super Street Fighter II
Turbo HD Remix.” Participants in the beta will be able to submit bug
reports and suggestions through and help make the final
release version even better! The Beta version of Super Street Fighter II
Turbo HD Remix will be available to all “Wolf of the Battlefield:
Commando 3” purchasers on June 25.

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