Witcher Dev Says Sex In Game Not a Top Priority

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One of the many features of a “Mature” rated game is sex. There are many great games that have sex scenes. We have the Dragon Age series, God of War, Mass Effect, and more. The upcoming Witcher 3 is also rated as Mature. That means there will be more sex scenes within the game that is not suitable for very young players.

However, Witcher dev says sex must not define the game that you are playing. Indeed, it is much more exciting to have sex scenes inside the game but a good game, does not sell on sex alone.

According to CD Projekt Red Level Designer, Miles Tost:

“We make mature games for mature players (every Witcher game is for adults only), and sex is, well, a part of adult life,”

“The key thing is not to overdo it, not to sell your game with sex. As long as you remain tactful in what you do, as long as you have a legitimate reason to put sex in your game, I think it’s quite safe to do so.” He added.

Given that the character from the Witcher series and the books, Geralt is defined as a sexy lover and a ladies man. Sex scenes in the game will definitely improve his character.

Additionally, the sex scenes on the Witcher 3 will not be interactive. Unlike the sex scenes from God of War where you are actually doing the digging and plowing, Witcher 3 sex scenes will just put you on timeout in the corner. You will just have to watch the action happen as a spectator.

There are lots of sex scenes that you will encounter while playing Witcher 3. However, these are added not to make the game erotic but to have??a meaningful connection.

“It will never happen just for the sake of having more sex in the games. That’s not our point. It’s not a Pokemon way, like ‘collect them all.'” Tost added.


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