The Witcher 3 Wins Another Award; What Can Other Devs Learn From CD Projekt RED??

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CD Projekt RED?s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is perhaps the best game that 2015 has offered to players. Its numerous Game of the Year awards and other accolades are enough proof of the game?s success. Months in on 2016, and the game is still raking up awards with the recent being Game of the Year awards from the Game Developers Choice Award and SXSW Awards, GameSpot reports.

With over 250 awards under its name, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt maybe one of the best games in recent years. Behind the game is Polish developer CD Projekt RED, and they?ve easily become a favorite in the gaming community. With such an amazing title in their resume, other devs have a lot to learn from The Witcher?s development team.

Make It Large

We?re all familiar with the infamous short campaign of The Order 1886. The gamers shelled out a lot of money for a AAA game that provided a few hours of game time. The gaming community doesn?t deserve a few short hours for their support to developers. CD Projekt RED did a lot of good things with The Witcher 3: refined combat, massive open-world, Gwent. They set the bar high for devs worldwide, so that should be the standard in today?s AAA titles.

Make Future DLC Worth the Extra Cash

The base game is inclusive of hours upon hours of gameplay, and there are a lot of things to do. Even if players finish the campaign, they have hours more of content in the game?s DLC. Its biggest add-on by far is the Heart of Stone DLC which had a lot of content to boot. The upcoming Blood and Wine DLC is even expected to be a lot better. Considering how almost all devs plan DLC for their games, they should follow the steps of CD Projekt RED in The Witcher 3 and make the DLC a huge addition to the base game.

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