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Wirelessly charge 2 devices with ease on this base station hub

Easily charge your devices with this gadget.

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Check out NOMAD Goods' Base Station Hub:

  • Easily power up to 4 gadgets in total
  • Wirelessly power up 2 devices simultaneously
  • Has an aesthetic and sleek design

Want to invest in an extra powerful charging device to wirelessly power up your gadgets and devices? Look no further, as the Base Station Hub from NOMAD Goods does exactly that! Perfect for digital millennials who are on the go, the Base Station Hub is a highly functional charging hub that is also very aesthetic and sleek at the same time.

The Base Station Hub can wirelessly power up 2 devices simultaneously.

The Base Station Hub features 3 high-power charging coils, which means you can simultaneously charge 1 to 2 devices that have up to 10W wireless charging speed. You can also wirelessly charge your Apple Airpods if you have the Wireless Charging Case made by Apple.

Furthermore, there are two ports, one USB-A with a 7.5W output and one USB-C with an 18W output, so you can power up 2 more devices! All in all, this hub can power up a total of 4 devices. The best part is: this device can even power up a MacBook or MacBook Pro as the USB-C port can charge your device at a maximum rate of 18W.

The Base Station Hub has an aesthetic and sleek design.

The Base Station Hub has a black padded leather wireless charging surface, an aluminum chassis, and no-slip grip rubber feet. This device also features an ambient light sensor to dim LEDs at night.

The Base Station Hub is wirelessly compatible with several devices.

The wireless feature of the Base Station Hub works with all Qi-enabled devices, and it also works with AirPods Pro and AirPods with a wireless charging case.

$69.95 $99.95

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