Wiping is not enough! Prevent viruses and bacteria hit your home with this portable sterilizing bag

This sterilizing foldable bag capture icky bacterias before it spreads diseases in your home

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Are you sure your things are 100% cleaned when you wipe them with your wet tissues and alcohol? One of the most effortless preventive measures you can take to limit the spread of viruses like Covid-19 is proper hand-washing. But is it enough? Your rarely cleaned valuables may be a carrier too. Good thing there are innovative sterilizing bags like Wellbefore’s Portable UVC LED Sterilizing Bag.

Wellbefore’s Portable UVC LED Sterilizing Bag is portable and water-resistant and has 24 UVC LED lights inside to sterilize your stuff. These lights can reach 360 degrees of sterilization because of the reflective material inside the bag. The sterilizing process runs for 2 minutes, killing 99.99% of common bacteria and other microorganisms. This whole process destroys nucleic acids and disrupts their DNA and RNA, making it impossible for these monstrosities to replicate or reproduce.

This bag is foldable, compact, and very easy to keep anywhere. You can use it wherever you go. As you worry about your skin and your hands, this bag will worry about what’s in your pack. It will sterilize the surfaces of your phones, wallet, remotes, toothbrushes, and even beauty products as well. And with its UVC LED lights, it eliminates your need to use harsh chemicals like bleach on delicate items that could result in damage.

The fear of Covid-19 has brought us to practice better sanitation. While there are plenty of ways for the body to stay clean, Wellbefore’s Portable UVC LED Sterilizing Bag is a good option to keep your stuff from carrying unwanted viruses at home.


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