Sony XDev Europe Teases Wipeout Surprises ‘In The Coming Weeks’

Is a new Wipeout coming? [Image from PlayStation]

With the Wipeout Omega Collection coming to the PS4 soon, Sony XDev have decided to tease something major. Apparently, June 7 is Wipeout Wednesday, so we can expect to hear big news about the series’ future. Fans haven’t gotten a new game in the series for some time, so the news should be big for fans.

Sony XDev tweeted out the news recently, which has gotten plenty of attention from fans in the Twitter-verse. The developers didn’t reveal much else, aside from the June 7 announcement, so players will have to wait a while. Until then, players should consider picking up the Omega Collection coming to the PS4 on June 6, which should be fun.

A New Wipeout Game?

Since the announcement is happening after the release of the Wipeout Omega Collection in US and Asia, fans are hoping it’s a new game. The PSOne games were loved by a number of fans, as were the sequels on the PS2 and PS3. Having a new game on PS4 would be great, since the series has only appeared in Sony’s gaming consoles. Additionally, Sony XDev Europe also teased back in February that they’re working on unannounced games, so this “surprise” could be it. In April, the studio teased on Twitter that they showed some “secret stuff” to Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida. 

Until then, the enhanced version of previous games should entertain fans for sometime, even if a new game isn’t announced. The games futuristic visuals lend themselves to the HD treatment, so the collection should be a pretty one. We haven’t had a futuristic racing game in quite sometime, so the collection can also entertain newer fans.

Additionally, the new surprising “in the coming weeks” could potentially be new features for the Omega Collection. For all we know, it could be PlayStation VR support or other neat features.

Has Time Wiped It out?

Sales for the Wipeout Omega Collection will probably determine the future of the series, unless they’re already working on it. Publishers tend to release collections of HD games to get fans hyped up for a new installment in the series. God of War 3 Remastered is a solid example, since the PS4-only sequel was announced a year or so after.

It will be interesting to see if a new game does well enough to stay relevant, since the original developer of Wipeout, Sony Studio Liverpool, has already closed its doors in 2012. Also, there wasn’t a high demand for more Wipeout games. The fact that fans are reacting to the collection and the aforementioned news means there’s an audience for it. Now all fans have to do is wait a month for the news, whatever the surprise ends up being.

Fans can get the Wipeout Omega Collection on June 6 for the PS4 in North America and June 7 in Europe. This collects Wipeout HD, Wipeout HD Fury and Wipeout 2048, which came out on the PS3 and PS Vita originally.

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