[Review] Winter Woods Webtoon: A Beautiful Fantasy You’ll Fall In Love With

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Winter Woods Webtoon

What does it mean to be alive? Winter is an immortal, created by an Alchemist a few thousand years ago. In the beginning, he wasn?t human nor did not know how to be one, he was a product of an experiment that his creator thought was a failure. Aside from its amazing plot, that some describes as Frankenstein?s story that is both heartwarming and dark, here are more reasons why you should read Winter Woods Webtoon.

The art will take you places.

The art of Winter Woods Webtoon is like a good dream. A dream that you actually want to be in. The colors and the characters are rich with emotions that you couldn?t imagine a story any other way. The color choices and style is sophisticated, very refreshing and pleasing to look at. When the story talks about the past, the color tones get very dark and then from the present to the future, it gets colorful and brighter. The comical scenes are drawn hilariously as well. Nothing short from artist Vanji, who painstakingly went through so many revisions and style changes just to perfect the art that we see in the current version right now.

The characters are in all of us.

Winter Woods is a failed experiment who lived most of his life in captivity under the scrutiny of scientists. He first appears as someone who looks like Edward Scissorhands, all pale and goth.?Upon escaping the lab, he meets a girl name Jane who changes his life (or rather, gives him life). ?For the first time in a thousand years, he experiences how to live and learns how to be human and this manifests in his appearance too. Winter?s innocence warms the heart, like a child who marvels even at the simplest things.?

Jane Reina, an aspiring writer who is trying very hard to get her work published but along the way, gets a writer?s block. Though moody at times, she is seen as energetic and passionate about life. Jane is also kind and caring to others. Through her care and guidance, Winter becomes a good person with a good heart.

Winter Woods Webtoon

Winter and Jane – Winter Woods Webtoon

Adora, a blind girl who lives alone and who has a dark past. She was saved by Zoe, whom she falls in love with. Adora, despite her petite appearance and disability, is calm, and very kind. You can see in the beginning of her relationship with Zoe that he takes advantage of kindness and toys with her emotions, but Adora remains forgiving.

Zoe Lev is like the dark version of Winter. His mind is consumed with hate, jealousy and cruelty. Initially very mysterious but as the story progresses, you?ll see that he is someone who is misunderstood because of his past. Zoe was betrayed by someone close to him, and as a result, he becomes apathetic and hateful, except towards Adora.

Winter Woods Webtoon

Zoe Lev and Adora – Winter Woods Webtoon

Winter Woods Webtoon, created by Cosmos and Vanji, is one that deserves more recognition for its art, story, and theme. Now on its second season, chapter 33 on the Line Webtoon App, Winter Woods has had a constant rating of 9.70 since its debut. Read it now here.

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