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Winds Of Winter Release Update: Could January 2017 Be It?

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In a recent report, the rumor of Winds of Winter release to be last May was proven to be a ?Complete Crap?. Other rumors though are still alive as George R.R. Martin is not yet finished with the book. But Martin appeased fans worldwide by releasing some excerpts in a chapter of his book named Forsaken. But when should the book come out? Soon is always the answer. But that?s not quite a satisfying one.

In a report by Parent Herald, fans think that the release is quite long overdue. It has been the source of controversy, intrigue and anticipation for over four years now and Martin shows no sign of hurrying up. Some fans have been worried and have been very vocal about their dislikes of the ?lateness? of such release that it took another author, Neil Gaiman, to put them in their place by telling them, ?George R.R. Martin is not your bitch.? This was his fan response that one can read on his own journal. That is true, fans should let their media creators take their time and create the masterpiece that they are expected to produce.

Is this masterpiece coming out soon? Well, if we take George R.R. Martin?s sharing of chapters of his new book as a signal that it might be finished soon, it just might be finished soon. GameNGuide speculates that the book might be released late this year as Neil Gaiman has been rumored to be helping him out. But if this does not come to fruition, the report pegs that we can expect Winds of Winter to be released in January 2017.

It looks too far away from now but that is quite soon if we consider the waiting time that fans have been ?awfully? enduring for the next installment. Another thing that might make this much-anticipated work much more anticipated is that rumors abound that Jon Snow could have a much deeper relationship with Arya Stark. In a report by The Independent, it is likely that they will have an affair even without knowing what the future holds for their relationship. Another story thread that the book might explore is that Tyrion Lannister would be smitten by the personality of Arya Stark. This just makes it more interesting.

Is soon soon enough? Yes or no, soon is definitely better than never.

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