‘Winds Of Winter’ Release: Did ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale Steal The Suspense From George R.R. Martin?s Upcoming Book?

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The Winds of Winter release date
The Winds of Winter release date

The anticipation surrounding the release of George RR Martin?s novel entitled ?Winds of Winter? might have been diluted following the ?Game of Thrones? season six finale last Sunday.

The Guardian reviewed that HBO?s detailed dramatization of the story, which is part of the novelist?s ?A Song of Ice and Fire? series, might make it hard for readers to still be surprised with the book.

The first volume in the ?A Song of Ice and Fire? installment came out 20 years ago this September, with George RR Martin taking an average of five years to release each book in the series.

Some readers got frustrated when the ?Winds of Winter? book release was postponed after the author reportedly missed his December 2015 deadline. With the novel?s launch reportedly moved to early 2017, last weekend?s ?Game of Thrones? season ender was already able to reveal storylines that are supposed to be the major climaxes in the book.

The mismatch between the TV airing and the ?Winds of Winter? book release has reportedly caused a lot of confusion and inconsistencies with viewers who have already read volumes from the ?A Song of Ice and Fire? series.

Prior to Sunday, there have been rumors that the finale of ?Game of Thrones? season six will reveal details about the ?Winds of Winter? book. Both television followers and novel aficionados eagerly waited for the airing, with Telegraph UK even predicting that the ?Winds of Winter? book will be better than the TV version.

Since the novel is not yet available to somewhat give fans an idea of the story, some viewers opted to scout the internet for spoilers almost all throughout the season. These included fan predictions on who will die this season and promotional photos released by HBO that were reported by TV Line. There were even claims that scenes were leaked prior to the airing, but the clips turned out to just be carefully spliced portions from the ?Warcraft? movie.


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