?The Winds of Winter? Release Date: Year-End Launch Likely As George Martin Reveals New Chapter?

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The Winds of Winter release date
The Winds of Winter release date

With the Game of Thrones Season 6 concluded, fans of George R.R. Martin?s A Song of Ice and Fire series are looking forward to the upcoming The Winds of Winter novel, the sixth book in the popular series.

Though Martin was supposed to release The Winds of Winter earlier this year prior to the airing of the sixth season of the?Game of Thrones, it didn?t happen because he was unable to finish the book. With him not being able to deliver the new novel despite repeatedly promising earlier dates, Martin has chosen not to speak about a possible launch date. However, with such a loyal fanbase, rumors continue to build and the latest hype surrounding the novel suggests a 2016 year-end release.

The latest rumor much like the others is based on the fact that Martin has chosen to reveal another chapter of the upcoming novel. Martin lately confirmed via Not A Blog that he will be attending the upcoming Worldcon, the MidAmericon II that will take place in Kansas City, Missouri. He revealed his plans to meet fans as well as ?signing (autographs) whatever you want me to sign, be it books, comics, swords, games, Funko Pop dolls, t-shirts, or body parts.?

Martin even hinted at the possibility of doing a ?reading? of another chapter of the book as he said, ?And yes, of course, I’ll be doing other stuff in Kansas City as well. A couple of panels, a reading, maybe some other stuff.?

The Winds of Winter

Author of Ice and Fire Series George R. R. Martin

The promise of another chapter so soon after Martin?s release of a chapter back in May at the Balticon has given new hope to fans that he is almost finished with writing the new story. It is being speculated that the new chapter could be the first point of view (POV) chapter on Cersei Lannister. Cersei is expected to travel to the High Garden after escaping from the King?s Landing and using her cold blooded skills to outmaneuver her opponents.

However, fans who may be expecting an announcement of the release date of The Winds of Winter are sure to be disappointed. The author clearly told overly enthusiastic fans that he will entertain no such information at the event.

When a fan questioned him – ?I feel a certain hint of an oncoming announcement at said event?? Martin replied: ?Oh, please. Stop with that nonsense.?

It is pretty much clear Martin won?t be, for now, revealing a release date for his new book.

The Winds of Winter Spoilers

In the meantime, the fans of both the A Song of Ice and Fire series as well those of HBO?s Game of Thrones continue to delve into the future plot line of The Winds of Winter. A significant rumor from iDigital Times suggests that Euron Greyjoy could be the person behind bringing down the Wall. Since the Wall is the sole protection against the White Walkers and as the long night of Winter approaches, its days are certainly numbered to get the story going.

Fans of the A Song of Ice and Fire series are theorizing that Euron is far more a nefarious character than initially thought. Not only does he employs Faceless Men and sorcerers and has acquired a dragonbinder horn, he even sees himself as a supernatural force and agent of the Drowned God with his own purpose.

Winds of Winter spoilers

Euron Greyjoy

While some readers believe he will use magic powers to awaken an eldritch, a Cthulhu-like horror from beneath the Oldtown to break the Wall, others have pointed that he will do that on his own. Samwell Tarly in Oldtown is speculated to be in possession of the real Horn of Joramun which he found beyond the Wall. It is expected that Euron will take the powerful horn from Sam which has the power of bringing down the Wall.

Though it is still unclear why Euron would want to do that, rumors suggest that he is in fact an agent of evil much like Sauron (Lord of the Rings), a force of destruction aligned against the Lord of Light.

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