Winds of Winter Release Date In WorldCon This Month? Most Anticipated Since Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows?

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Fans of HBO?s ?Game of Thrones? are long awaiting the release of George RR Martin?s – The Winds of Winter – the sixth novel in A Song of Ice and Fire series upon which the show is based.

Speculations as to the release date of the much anticipated novel is favorite pastime of the fans of fans hoping to catch the series soon enough. Amid wave of rumors indicating that Martin plans to release the latest novel at the Worldcon event in August, fans may have forgotten that book will be the biggest release of a fantasy novel series akin to the Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows.

The possibility of such a launch for The Winds of Winter could not be kept secret even if Martin and his publishing company did their best. The popularity of the book and show will essentially require a huge number of copies from the publisher and it is not something that could stay secret for a while.

The news that Martin, who is special guest at World Fantasy Convention in Kansas, plans launching his book six there in August is essentially false. The news was also denied by his publisher, Harper Collins.

?Speculation has been rife in Australia and across the world that George RR Martin is going to release Winds Of Winter at WorldCon,? Jaki Arthur, HarperCollins Australia head of marketing and communications told Daily Telegraph.

?There?s no denying millions of fans want it. But we don?t know when it will happen. We know George is busy writing it and we will announce the publication date once he finishes. Whenever it comes, it will be a huge publishing event.?

There has even been a recent wave of stories that he would release not just Winds Of Winter but book seven, A Dream Of Spring, as well. Fans even went as far to say that Martin has apparently completed the novels already but isn?t planning to release them soon so as to make huge profits from the growing popularity of the show.

Martin told CinemaBlend it the craziest theory he ever came across: ?From my point of view, the craziest one is the people who believe that I’ve actually finished all of the books, and I’m just sitting on them for some reason in order to get more money or increase the value, you know, to release them an appropriate point. That’s a pretty crazy one, but there seem to be people who actually believe that.?

Meanwhile, fans can best hope for another chapter reading at the event from the famed writer who is set to make appearance and as well sign some autographs for the fandom.

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