Winds Of Winter Release Date Update: Will George RR Martin Have A Surprise Book Launch?

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George RR Martin

The Winds of Winter release date has not yet been officially announced by George RR Martin. However, rumors have revealed that the author is allegedly planning a surprise launch for the highly anticipated book.

The novel is the sixth installment in A Song of Ice and Fire series. It is where the hit TV show Game of Thrones is based from.

There are claims that the novelist?s latest project is already set to be launched. The veteran writer has reportedly even been releasing chapters from the book.

However, George RR Martin seems to want to add drama to the Winds of Winter release date. He allegedly plans to coincide it with the 20th anniversary of A Song of Ice and Fire.

According to his live journal, a special edition of the book will be released to celebrate the series? milestone.

Winds Of Winter Release Date

“First published on August 1st, 1996, A ‘Game of Thrones’ marks its twentieth anniversary today,” George RR Martin revealed. “In celebration of the fantasy masterpiece that started a cultural phenomenon, we’re excited to announce the publication of a special illustrated edition.”

There were already previous reports that ?A Game of Thrones: The Illustrated Edition” will be launched in Oct. 18, 2016. Does this mean that the veteran author is referring to is Winds of Winter in his latest journal post?

Prior to these speculations, it was reported that Winds of Winter?s release date will happen before Game of Thrones season 7 starts. The hit HBO series is slated to return in summer next year.

Many believe that the show?s sixth season somewhat stole the suspense from George RR Martin?s upcoming novel. This is likely to be the reason why the network now wants to wait for Winds of Winter to be released.

There have also been updates that Winds of Winter will be unveiled at the upcoming Worldcon. Other rumors have been pointing at a launch by the end of this year.

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