Winds Of Winter Release Date Update: Expect It This Year As George RR Martin Wraps Up Final Chapter

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The Winds of Winter release date
The Winds of Winter release date

Though latest rumors surrounding George R.R. Martin? much anticipated Winds of Winter novel maintain that the sixth installment in the Ice and Fire series is delayed indefinitely, latest reports reveal otherwise. The Winds of Winter is apparently almost complete as Martin is in the final stage of all the chapters to his famous novel.

With Martin?s recent reveal of several chapters from the new novel, it can easily be inferred that the Winds of Winter is almost complete. The author recently treated his fans to a new chapter of the Winds of Winter at his appearance at Balticon Convention, reading a free chapter about Aeron Greyjoy. Martin is said to have described how sadistic the new Greyjoy character will be, and he even claimed that the character will be a lot more brutal than Ramsay Bolton.

Earlier, Martin had published a chapter about the character of Arianne Martell on his own website and given the number of chapters revealed, it likely means he is almost done with his book.

So fans can finally get to see the new novel most likely by the year end as Martin?s publication company will likely spend some time to proofread the writings to approve the printing of pages before the novel hits the bookshelves.

Fans are super excited to find out the fate of several major characters whose destiny seems to have deviated from the book following HBO?s airing of Game of Thrones Season 6. Jon Snow seems to be of particular interest to readers as he ended up getting resurrected in GoT and several others like Blackfish and Hodor had their fates ended.

However, several other reports have suggested possible delay even though Martin may have outlined the full script of the Winds of Winter. As Parent Herald reports, Martin and his assistants fell sick after returning from their road trips to Baltimore and New York City, so delays seem more likely yet again.

?I am back home again in Santa Fe, after two weeks on the road in Baltimore and New York City,” Martin wrote announcing his condition when he returned from his trip. “Great trip… but I seem to have brought the plague home with me.”

In addition to himself, Martin confessed that this assistants Jo, Lenore and friend Lezli Robyn were stricken with the plague too. The symptoms, which includes coughing, fever, headache and congestion did not show up until after the con.

“So I will keep this short. Lots to report on, lots to catch up on, but just now I don’t have the energy. More sleep and more fluids… I should be my old self shortly….” Martin added.

Hopefully for fans, Martin will recover soon enough to give the finishing touches to his novel and we may get to see it in December 2016.

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