The ?Winds of Winter? Release Date: No Night?s King in the Books?

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HBO?s Game of Thrones has completely gone beyond the books in its latest season and The Winds of Winter release date is still beyond reckoning. However, there are rumors that we could possibly expect a year-end release.

What?s interesting and intriguing are the huge differences in the two forms of media. Show creators and showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss largely deviated from the books in Season 5 and come Season 6, they?ve practically created their own map for the plot and the characters. It?s both intriguing and a bit unnerving to think about how much of the events of Season 6 would play out in the books, considering how epic it all was (for show fans, that is). Will George R.R. Martin include this, or that? Was he happy about what they did about this, or that? Will he do the same thing? Will it be completely different?

One HUGE thing that will possibly NOT exist in the books is the Night?s King, as iDigitalTimes writes. It was the first big spoiler for book readers when the show introduced him in Season 4, at least that?s how most readers perceived it. Until now, it is still uncertain if the Night?s King will be in the sixth A Song of Ice and Fire novel and he may not even be in any of the books at all.

Although, he was somehow mentioned in the books in one of Old Nan?s stories. According to the tale, he was the thirteenth Lord Commander of the Night?s Watch, who was said to be a Stark. Then he fell in love with a woman described to be of ?ice and cold? and betrayed humankind for her. Though it is uncertain if we will ever hear from him again.

In the show, the Night?s King has been established as the ?big bad? of Game of Thrones. But in the books, the White Walkers or ?The Others? are an unnatural, otherworldly and magical force. They are ice, death and evil personified and, as far as we know, their purpose is nothing but destruction.

The article further notes that The Others do not even need a leader. In an interview with Benioff and Weiss by Deadline, they were asked about the challenge of writing a villain who doesn?t talk. Weiss explained it in comparison to other previous villains in the show.

?I don?t think of the Night King as a villain as much as, Death,? Weiss describes. ?He is not like Joffrey, or Ramsay. He?s not really human anymore. To me, evil comes when you have a choice between that and good, and you choose the wrong way. The Night King doesn?t have a choice; he was created that way, and that?s what he is.?

He continues, ?In some ways, he?s just death, coming for everyone in the story, coming for all of us. In some ways, it?s appropriate he doesn?t speak. What?s death going to say? Anything would diminish him. He?s just a force of destruction. I don?t think we?ve ever been tempted to write dialogue for the Night King. Anything he said would be anticlimactic.?



So if the Night?s King is a representation of death itself, maybe it will be different in the books. Maybe introducing the Night?s King in the show was somewhat an advantage to the medium. We see the rest of Westeros? kings and queens asserting their power in the Seven Kingdoms while Beyond the Wall, there?s an even greater force that is death itself coming at them. Death has always been present in the Game of Thrones and to see it personified through the Night?s King symbolizes its inevitability for everyone in Westeros no matter who you are or how powerful you are. With death, we are all equal.

Do you think the Night?s King will ever be in the books? Will it even matter?

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