The Winds Of Winter Release Date: Why Do We Even Bother?

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The Winds of Winter may have been the title of the latest episode of the critically-acclaimed television series Game of Thrones to air on television, but the book that it?s named after is yet to see the light of day. Will George R.R. Martin ever announce The Winds of Winter release date? Or are we all waiting in vain?

The Star may be joking when it says that The Winds of Winter release date?is ?maybe never?, but there certainly is a little bit of anger and frustration behind the jest, and even among the people The Star quotes in its article. The report even uses George R.R. Martin?s words against himself, pointing out that it was Martin himself who admits that he had missed both deadlines set by his publisher, Bantam. The outlet also cites Bantam itself, who says ?There is no current scheduled release date.?

The Star also interviewed a blogger that attempted to use science to guess how soon The Winds of Winter would be out in the market. The post was made on the fan site Watchers On The Walls back in 2015, and it pegged the publication date to be around early 2017, which is what some have been saying will be the publication date. And even this supposed publication date is an adjusted one — ?earlier reports had pegged the release date to be on 2016

The blogger, who goes by the moniker BryndenBFish, admits to feeling some frustration with the long wait between each books, saying ?I?ve seen a lot of anger about George R. R. Martin?s slow progress. And if I?m being honest, I have to fight similar feelings. However, what I do know is that the time, energy and slowness of Martin?s writing ensures that the books are thematically and narratively fulfilling.?

If The Winds of Winter release date ever gets announced, it?s going to be a really exciting time for fans of the book series, as the penultimate book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series is expected to answer some of the burning questions that fans have had for years. Keep it here on The Bitbag to keep yourself abreast on any updates!

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