The Winds Of Winter Release Date

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The Winds of Winter release date
The Winds of Winter release date

George R. R. Martin?s upcoming novel is definitely one book that his fans have long been waiting for. These loyal fans have been waiting for ?The Winds of Winter? for about four years. The recent reports indicate that the book might finally release by the end of 2016.

The Winds of Winter will be the fifth novel in the epic fantasy series ?A Song of Ice and Fire?. Martin has planned to end the series with the following novel, ?A Dream of Spring?. The last installment, ?A Dance with Dragons?, was published on July 21, 2011 and was one of the best books that year.

Martin has recently revealed several chapters from The Winds of Winter. It clearly indicates that the novel is almost complete. He has provided the details about a new character, Aeron Greyjoy, at Balticon Convention. As described by Martin, the new chapter is even more vicious than any other in the series. Whenever he makes conclusions like that about an upcoming installment, it?s almost certain that he has finished the novel, or at least is close to it.

There are also speculations that Martin will not be able to finish the story, as he has completed five chapters in about 20 years since he started in 1991. His fans would love to read his novel until its last page, but everyone is concerned about the writer?s age.

Moreover, Martin felt sick after returning from his road trip to Baltimore. The symptoms included coughing, fever, headache and congestion. It is also reported that the writer was quite well before the convection.

Martin wrote on his LiveJournal, ?I am back home again in Santa Fe, after two weeks on the road in Baltimore and New York City. Great trip? but I seem to have brought the plague home with me.?

His statement left his fans — who have been waiting for the next edition for such a long time — confused. Even if Martin has finished The Winds of the Winter, the final chapter is still in the dark.

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