Winds of Winter Book Release Update: Book Cancelled Totally?

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George R.R. Martin?s followers have been waiting for the release of The Winds of Winter for quite some time now. However, recent rumors suggest that it may not be launched at all following the loss of Hillary Clinton in the U.S. presidential race.

It is a known fact that Martin is a huge supporter of Clinton. He stayed by her side all throughout the campaign period. The two were even seen in New Mexico campaigning. There were claims that the publication of the book was delayed because of the campaign period. But now that it is over, everyone is expecting the author to continue writing and finish the book already.

However, reports are claiming that because Clinton lost, Martin also lost his motivation to write the book. Instead of delaying the release, the author will now cancel its publication. Furthermore, there are speculations that Martin will also stop writing novels because of the presidential race?s outcome.

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On a good note, Random House mentioned that they believe that Martin will still finish the book some time soon. ?As his publisher, we support George R.R. Martin as he works hard to finish The Winds of Winter,? said the management.

But, they as well clarified that all release dates online are incorrect. They assured the fans in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly that once the book has a publication date already, ?the world will know.?

Meanwhile, other speculations state that the release of the book will come after the finale of Game of Thrones season 7. Also, to avoid any spoilers from the HBO series, Martin is said to be asking his publishers to reschedule the release of the book to 2018.

As of now, nothing is still confirmed. Author George R.R. Martin himself has not spoken yet regarding the release of The Winds of Winter. Obviously, these informations will remain as speculations thus everyone should take it with a grain of salt. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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