Winds of Winter Book Release Postponed Again? George RR Martin To Take Indefinite Writing Hiatus?

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Winds of Winter Book Release

Apparently, there have been rumors that the Winds of Winter Book release is being postponed again. The forthcoming book will be the sixth, as well as the penultimate novel in George RR Martin?s epic fantasy series. According to recent reports, Winds of Winter, which is supposed to arrive in early 2017, may not arrive in 2017 at all.

Winds of Winter Book Release: Not Coming Next Year?

Fans of the series have been waiting patiently for the book release for more or less five years. However, George RR Martin?s promise of releasing the book have failed numerous times. Fortunately, the author has offered his fans numerous updates on his progress to soothe their wounds.

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According to rumors, the official copy is set to release in early 2017. However, contradicting reports suggested that it may not come in 2017. Rumors suggest that Martin is being restricted by the success of the recent projects that might?ve contributed to the delayed release of the book.

However, these claims have not been officially confirmed. Hence, this information should be taken with a grain of salt. Furthermore, fans should expect the Winds of Winter?s release in early to mid-2017 as Martin is also busy working on another book series.

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Winds of Winter Book Release: George RR Martin?s Tease

According to none other than the author himself, there?s a lot of dark chapters in the book that he?s writing at the present time. Once again, Martin uttered the iconic spine shivering phrase, ?Winter is Coming,??and he?s been telling everyone that for 20 years.

According to Martin, Winter is the time where a lot of things die. In addition, cold and ice and darkness will fill the world. Martin clarified that this isn?t going to be a happy feel-good book that people might?ve been expecting due to the fact that some characters are in very dark places.

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All in all, Martin described Winds of Winter in a dark tone stating that there are many deaths to come. For more Winds of Winter Book?release update, stay tuned to TheBitBag.

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