?Winds Of Winter? Spoilers: Key Characters Alive, Guess Who?

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As anxious fans anticipate George R.R. Martin?s upcoming book ?Winds of Winter,? they can?t help but to harass the author in giving them release dates and hints from the book. And just recently, George R.R. Martin answered a question from his LiveJournal blog about a certain character still being alive in the sixth installment of ?A Song of Ice and Fire,? according to the Inquisitr. The author also shares his inspirations for writing his iconic novels.

Stannis Baratheon is alive?

A fan named Arthur Merinovich asked the author from LiveJournal if Stannis Baratheon was dead or alive in which he answered, ?In my books? Alive, beyond a doubt.? If you recall the recent season of ?Game of Thrones,? it was shown that Brienne brandished her sword at Stannis, making us think that he was dead. But even if Martin did say that Stannis was still alive in his books, there?s no telling what ?Game of Thrones? might do to the TV character.


And if you want to start writing like George R.R. Martin, you might want to take a look at his inspirations and motivations for writing. In a recent interview from D?Brickshaw Ferguson for the New York Jets website, the famous author said he had a fondness for history, especially non-fiction books. ?O love to read history, popular history, the stories of the wars and the betrayals and the kings and the murders and the poisonings ? its great material.?

?And I love to read historical fiction, and the Wars of the Roses I think are an area that was particularly fascinating for me, ever since I saw the Shakespeare play Richard III, which takes place in that same era,? he added. ?The thing about historical fiction ? if you read history, you know how it?s going to end, you know who wins the battles, you know who gets murdered and who the murderer is. So I wanted to take those same ideas and that same feel but use it in fantasy? I mixed and matched elements and added dragons and a few other things,? the author said in an interview with Ferguson.

Unfortunately, George R.R. Martin still hasn?t made announcements about the release of ?Winds of Winter.? But at least we can look forward to season six of ?Game of Thrones? when it premiers on April 2016, shared by Inquisitr.


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