?The Winds of Winter? Release In January As George R.R. Martin To Finish Chapters Soon

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Author George R.R. Martin may have finally revealed the release date of the much-awaited book. Fans could be expecting a Winds of Winter release date in January next year, and it will only be a matter of time before he finishes all the remaining chapters.

Winds of Winter Release Date Soon?

According to GameNGuide, George R.R. Martin is writing the final chapters of the long-awaited ?Winds of Winter.? The book could be ready for fans in early January, but there?s still no official confirmation from Martin himself.

He previously shared some spoilers for his next highly-anticipated book during the Mysticon in Roanoke. Martin supposedly revealed a few chapters in his upcoming book Winds of Winter, according to WinterIsComing.

Unfortunately, Martin prohibited recording his voice while he was reading the chapter aloud in the conference, but reports have indicated that a video has been leaked out and fans may have been able to write the first few chapters of the book. According to WinterIsComing, fans can read the archived version of the first chapter here, and the summary of the second chapter here.

HBO had to make the decision to continue the sixth season of Game of Thrones after George R.R. Martin was unable to decide on a ?Winds of Winter? release date. Previous reports have indicated that the next book of Martin could already be considered a ?lost cause? since HBO has already started on the next series.

However, according to Christian Post, George R.R. Martin might not need to worry about his fan base dwindling since they have dedicated themselves to patiently wait for him to announce the release.

Do you think ?Winds of Winter? will be releasing in January 2017? Will the events of the book be completely different from the HBO series? Let us know in the comments section below.

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