Windows XP Pop-Ups Irritate Remaining Users Of XP’s Microsoft Security Essentials

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Windows XP “pop-up”

Windows XP Pop-Ups Irritate Remaining Users Of XP’s Microsoft Security Essentials

Much has been said about the demise of Windows XP.

This development was seen as part of the fast paced development in computer technology. In fact, many people are amazed that Windows XP has been in use for this long. It is perhaps a testament to the quality and performance of Windows XP that many users have insisted on maintaining this operating system on their computers and resisted the urge to upgrade to the newer Windows OS platforms.

In this regard, it is quite dismaying that Microsoft decided to ?reward? their loyal customers who still use Windows XP, by introducing an annoying ?pop-up? in the recent days.

For the past 2 weeks, Windows XP users who ran the software Microsoft Security Essentials (the MS free security software) were treated to a pop-up that gives out an equally annoying warning.

Due to the scheduled cessation of support for Windows XP that ended last April 8, Microsoft decided to remind XP users that the security support is ?ending soon? and they are also directed to a site that tells them more about shifting to a new upgraded operating system.

Instead of being a helpful reminder though, irate users vented their disgust in online forums and social networks about the pop-ups. Some have even accused Microsoft of ?crossing the line? in harassing users of Windows XP to upgrade (meaning, to shell out some dollars) to a new operating system.

Some users have sought a crowdsourced solution in asking for suggestions on how to turn the pop-ups or what they refer to as ?nag boxes?, ?OFF?.

A spokesperson for Microsoft could not give a clear answer whether the pop-ups could be disabled at all without turning off Microsoft Security Essentials. Turning the security system off at this stage would make the XP run computers vulnerable to viruses and other malware, before they can decide on whether to upgrade their OS, shift to an Open Source OS or just throwing the computer in the trash.

Some tech bloggers have even created a name for the Microsoft pop-ups – ?scareware?.

They have also noted that even if Microsoft has ceased support to other OS systems before, the popularity and wide usage of Windows XP is now a sensitive issue.

In Australia alone, more than 1.5 Million computers still run on Windows XP. This translates to approximately 30% of all desktops and laptops in this country.

Globally, Windows XP, in a study conducted by StatCounter, a web traffic analyzer, remains a top choice for OS systems. Second only to the most popular OS (which is Windows 7), XP is used in 18.6 % of computers worldwide.

Windows XP has been around for more than 12 years and was still available in the market as late as October 2010. Since April 8, 2014, Microsoft has stopped patching new security threats found in XP and this has caused worries to users who still hold on to the XP OS. Microsoft will however continue to update its Microsoft Security Essentials for XP until July of 2015.

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