Windows XP is Phased Out, But If You Want To Keep It. Here Are Some Tips

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Windows XP
Windows XP

Windows XP was officially dead two days ago, you might not know about it, let alone, care at all. Windows XP is, if not the best, one of the best operating system, Microsoft had released for its consumers. After Microsoft ?released their last batch of security updates, users of Windows XP are practically on their own. The problem arises when you plan on keeping the operating system, regardless of the support being cut off.

Windows XP is a very good operating system and it is ideal for most machines in use for public or private purposes. It is undoubtedly lightning fast. This is a guide for those who plan to keep their precious Windows XP operating system. For people who are not yet ready to embrace Windows 8, or even Windows 7, this will make sure that your computer is still secure regardless of Microsoft being around or not to provide support for you.

The first thing you might want to do is to stop using Internet Explorer. Obviously enough, Internet Explorer 8 is the default browser for Windows XP and it is quite obsolete being compared to Internet Explorer 11. But the biggest potential issue here is that they will be no longer be updated. IE 8 will be more vulnerable to cyberattacks. It would be better if you will use better browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. (They?re more stable, always up to date and faster as well)

Consider third party security apps. Microsoft will be ditching the periodical updates to Windows XP. After having your old OS get all the possible updates, make sure to have your third party security programs updated as well. There are lots of third party security programs from Norton, McAfee, etc that will keep supporting older OS such as Windows XP.

Stay Vigilant. Don?t click everything you see, especially messages you receive in your email. Most cyberattacks take place here so taking extra care would be very beneficial. Don?t believe everything you see on your browser. Follow the golden rule. If it is too good to be true, then it is.

If all these are too hard or tedious for you to follow, the best thing to do is to Upgrade your Operating System to a newer version. This is the fail-proof action that you can do for your security and computer (provided that you keep everything up-to-date)


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