Windows Phone Users Not Interested in Integrating ‘Pokemon GO’ On Their Phones? Find Out Why

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As the popularity of Pokemon GO has started to wane, so has?the interest of Windows Phone users to acquire it on their phones. Recent reports confirmed that the petition to get the game on the platform now seems to have been abandoned.

Apparently, the excitement died down even before Niantic was able to develop and integrate ?Pokemon GO? in the Windows platform. But in a recent event, Niantic CEO John Hanke talked about their future plans with the game.?The Windows platform was never mentioned.

Currently, ?Pokemon GO? is available on the Android and iOS platforms. Since August 22, the petition to bring ?Pokemon GO? to Windows Phones have reached 100,000. Unfortunately, the numbers did not reach the target 150,000 before users abandoned the petition.

Nevertheless, Windows Phone users were not totally left out in terms of playing Niantic?s augmented game. An app developed by Stefano Nanuta has allowed Windows Phone users to download the third party app and play ?Pokemon GO? on their devices. Of course, this is illegal and Niantic has been firm about sanctioning violators of their terms and Conditions

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO on Windows Phone

The application, called PoGo-UWP, has been been used 1.5 million times by 50,000 unique users. Users can also download the PoGo app on a Windows PC platform. It is not surprising, the way Windows Users turned to third party apps to obtain the game. Even those who can legally download the app still used third party applications in order to increase their level in the game.

Users can download the current version of “Pokemon GO” on the Windows platform. But we warn you, it comes with a very technical detail. Using a file manager, players will need to follow a step by step guide on how to install the app on their mobile phones.

For now, Windows Phones still don?t have the legal ?Pokemon GO? version and the latest Niantic event didn?t help in confirming whether it will arrive or not on the platform. Do you still enjoy playing ?Pokemon GO? on your mobile phones? Don?t miss the latest news on ?Pokemon GO? on Windows Phones by visiting us here on TheBitBag.


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