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Windows Phone 8.1: 9 What’s New and 5 What’s Lacking Versus Old Firmware Version

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Microsoft announced the upcoming mobile OS ? Windows Phone 8.1 ? which may save Nokia?s Lumia devices and Surface tablets under the dominance of Android and iOS. Here are polishes delivered by the new firmware and some things which are still missing.

Windows Phone 8.1 Features

  1. Action Centre
    Centralised part of the system which holds every notification and includes?customisable quick toggles. See all notifications from email, SMS and social apps with one swipe.
  2. Cortana At Your Service
    Windows Phone 8.1 features a virtual assistant called Cortana powered by Bing that acts similar with Android?s Google Now and Apple?s Siri. Cortana is usable for searching queries, getting recommendations, performing in-phone tasks and more.
  3. Maximum Personalisation
    Personalise your Windows Phone device using Live Tiles that bring information on the Start Screen. You can pin your contacts to get latest updates from their timeline, status and tweets in real time. Pin Web sites, music albums and almost anything on the Live Tiles. In addition, you may also use a photo to become the starting background on the Live Tiles with more accents to choose from.
  4. Get the Best Photo
    You may utilise both best video recording and detailed photos using Windows Phone 8.1. The camera app features new burst mode and new viewfinder plus option to edit and share photos online. Add effects using photo apps such as Lens, Instagram and Photosynth.
  5. Connected Across Microsoft Platforms
    Get connected with Microsoft Enterprise on Windows Phone 8.1 and access OneDrive, MS Office, Skype, Bing and Xbox right on your mobile device.
  6. More Apps Coming
    Due to the expansion of Windows Phone OS, more and more developers are now optimising their apps to the platform.
  7. Smoother Keyboard
    Use the new keyboard that features intuitive typing experience. You can now shape-write or glide your finger throughout the virtual keyboard like Swype.
  8. Use Thy Senses
    Windows Phone 8.1 uses Storage Sense for easy app transfer to the SD card, Data Sense to determine data usage with solutions for conservations and Wi-Fi Sense for hassle free signing in.
  9. Battery Saver
    New OS means new battery life and this time, you can activate the Battery Saver to get more juice out of the battery.

What Remains Missing

Unfortunately, there are some important things missing on Windows Phone 8.1 which did not appear in previous versions as well. It might be coming in the next version of 8.1 or possibly excluded due to similarities with other mobile OS platforms.

  1. File manager lacks system-wide access unlike with Android OS
  2. Quick Toggles feature less options than expected
  3. Battery percentage on the display is not yet possible
  4. Cortana may have both Siri and Google Now traits but its skills are still far behind
  5. Apps remain less rich compared with the ecosystem of Android and iOS

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